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TPH welcomes Adam Bedard at their CEO Luncheon Series

Published in Press Releases on January 30, 2019

"It was our honor to host the CEO of ARB Midstream, Adam Bedard, as ARB continues expansion of its crude oil infrastructure footprint across their targeted inland corridor region. ARB has developed assets both organically and through meaningful acquisitions to create a network of crude oil gathering spanning the DJ Basin along with a more recent foothold in the Mid-Con. In a somewhat unique approach given their scale, the company has developed an in-house fundamentals group to evaluate upstream reservoir potential and market dynamics impacting any potential infrastructure investment. When considering that the company's motto "Be as close to the data as possible" stems from Adam's former role at leading energy data provider Bentek, ARB's focus on analytics comes as little surprise. The fundamentals group supplements existing state data with real-time intelligence gathering from ARB's extensive marketing team. In addition to providing commercial insights, the marketing function leverages ARB's owned and leased physical assets to assist producers in realizing the highest netback as the company looks to move barrels from discounted inland regions to globally-linked Gulf Coast pricing. With downstream deliverability increasingly important to the upstream community, we look forward to watching ARB's development as they work hand in hand with customers to provide both wellhead and end-market solutions."

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