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  1. May 08, 2018
    Eric Peterson, Director of Market Research and Analytics, evaluates Western Canadian production, infrastructure takeaway capacity constraints, and its effect on U.S. Gulf Coast markets in a presentation prepared for the Argus Canadian Crude Summit
  2. February 01, 2018
    Adam Bedard, CEO of ARB Midstream, evaluates supply and demand dynamics of the growing producing regions for Western Canada and the Permian Basin.
  3. June 27, 2017
    Eric Peterson, Director of Market Research and Analytics, evaluates North American production and future midstream flows to the U.S. Gulf Coast at the Argus Crude & Refined Products Exports conference in Houston, TX.
  4. March 02, 2017
    ARB Midstream's CEO Adam Bedard speaks on "The Private Equity Perspective on Energy Infrastructure", at the 4th Annual Capital Link Master Limited Partnership Investing Forum in New York.
  5. February 01, 2017
    Eric Peterson, ARB's Director of Market Research and Analysis, addresses the growing outlook of production in the Permian basin and assesses it's effects on the takeaway infrastructure.
  6. October 26, 2016
    Adam Bedard will speak on the Wharton Energy Conference 2016 Midstream Panel on Friday, October 29.
  7. September 30, 2016
    Adam Bedard speaks about midstream opportunities at the 11th Annual Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion Conference in Houston, TX.
  8. September 29, 2016
    ARB's CEO, Adam Bedard, presented recently at the Argus Condensate and Naphtha Markets summit in Houston, Texas. Once the fastest growing crude oil type in North America, condensate production has been hit hard in the downturn.
  9. June 07, 2016
    Adam Bedard presents on pipeline infrastructure and the impact of rapidly changing US production dynamics
  10. May 19, 2016
    Eric Peterson presents on the growing Canadian crude supply and its midstream access into the U.S. market
  11. March 10, 2016
    Adam Bedard presents on the changing dynamics in Rockies crude oil
  12. October 29, 2015
    Adam Bedard presents on condensate from the Rockies production region
  13. August 19, 2015
    Eric Peterson presents on forecasting production quantity and quality across the permian basin to determine demand for midstream infrastructure in the low oil price environment
  14. June 03, 2015
    Adam Bedard presents on midstream's view on rail in a low crude price environment.
  15. January 29, 2015
    Adam Bedard presents on multi modal economics and infrastructure investment on moving Rockies crude to the West Coast
  16. December 05, 2014
    Eric Peterson presents on the California crude market and how Rockies crude coming by rail could reshuffle the market dynamics